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Online Products

Online Products

Travel Insurance

Accidents and problems could occur unexpectedly, and the impact of risks would be aggravated when you are on a trip far from your country and far from any source of help from friends and family. This insurance would make your travel more fun and more comfortable and safer. The insurance policy covers providing assistance during travel in areas such as personal assistance all over the world except for the usual country of residence, providing assistance for your car, providing assistance for your luggage, and legal help.

Countries of the European Union require visa applicants to present this kind of visa to conclude procedures for obtaining this type of joint visa which includes such who intend to travel and also members of their families accompanying them. This includes all envoys that are sent to any European country on official assignment.

Our travel assistance cover worldwide, and benefits vary based on the plan type selected (Silver, gold or platinum).

The following table specifies the premium as per the cover type and the period , single or family :

Member Type Geographical Cover Plan Premium up to 7 days Premium up to 15 days Premium up to 30 days Premium up to 60 days Premium up to 180 days (max. 92 days per trip) Annual Multi-trip (max. 92 days per trip)
Single Worldwide Platinum 10.69 14.26 23.27 27.72 35.74 59.9
Single Worldwide Gold 6.24 8.02 11.58 16.93 24.16 42.87
Single Worldwide Silver 3.56 5.35 7.13 10.69 15.15 27.72
Family Worldwide Platinum 25.05 31.28 50.89 61.68 78.61 130.48
Family Worldwide Gold 12.47 16.93 25.05 37.52 51.78 92.37
Family Worldwide Silver 8.02 10.69 16.04 19.7 26.83 48.21

To view the policy wording , covers, terms and conditions press on the "Policy Wordings, Terms & Conditions" link below

Policy Wordings, Terms & Conditions