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To compensate the contributor and pay him the value of losses occurred from the destruction or partial or total damage inflicted on the insured vehicle, its spare and accessory parts arising from various risks such as collision, overturn, fire or lightening, explosion or combustion, theft, burglary and act error / deliberate of third party Except what was the result of dishonesty or fraud, losses arising thereof during termed transportations. 

Geographical Extension

The insurance company would compensate the insured and pay him the value of materiality losses occurred from the destruction or the partial / total damage inflicted on the insured vehicle, its spare and accessory parts arising from various risks such as collision, overturn due to accident, fire, deliberate third party act, theft, burglary and also losses arising thereof during land or driving transportation, or damage caused by tools and elevators, public liability toward third party for material loss or damage. In and outside Kuwait through endorsement of geographical extension according to destination country.


Driving Licence

Sometimes accidents happen by people who drive vehicles that are not covered by compulsory insurance, and would cause damage and loss in third party's property of life. This kind of accidents could happen by people driving vehicles that carry government number plates, or by a person who is in the country as a visitor (apart from the GCC citizens), or as a tourist. While driving his car he causes an accident and thus he is required to pay legal compensation to such who have been hurt or injured.

Private Personal Accidents/Orange Card/Road Assistance/Replacement Vehicle

Personal accidents insurance covers the three risks any driver, his/her spouse, parents and children who are with him/her in the car. The risks covered are death, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability. The Orange ticket insurance (covers civil liability of the insured as a result of causing a car accident during his travel across Arab countries that are covered by the insurance card), and providing assistance on the road, and providing cover for the alternative car.


The letters of guarantee insurance covers all anything a car might need as compensation against damage and technical breakdowns of the vehicle such gear (manual, automatic, overdrive), suspension system (both front and back), braking system, cooling system, fuel system, power system, clutches, cam rod, steering, air conditioning system, drive shaft, toeing within the boundaries of the GCC countries.


Required by law in accordance with the provisions of resolution 81 of Traffic Law Decree No. 67/76 on compulsory insurance, base on this vehicle type amendment in Article 3 of the decree according to by a resolution of the legal affairs committee of the Council of Ministers on date 18/10/2009, a small vehicles ATV have been added (vehicle mechanism with three wheels or more, low air wheels, can be used in all-terrain and they are not designed as a car and they are limited to personal use), where Third Party liability will be covered due to all damages arising from physical and material damages, which lies within the territorial limits of the State of Kuwait, except for paved and coastal roads as well as interior areas, the compensation is limited for the accidents in the desert areas and unpaved roads.