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General Third Party Liability

Often damage occurred during accidents is not confined to the property of the insured only but could occur to third parties' property. There could result also bodily injuries or incidents of death, all these cased could give rise to public (civil) liability against the insured and would require him to pay financial compensation to such affected.

Employer's Liability

Works are not free from risks causing damage to worker. This damage is occurred during duty hours and causes physical injury to or may lead to the death due to work accident of worker which legally obligates the employer to compensate the worker in the range of insured business according to active Kuwait labor law. Also this policy can be extended to include coverage of employer’ liability tort whether arising from law or the insurance contract and that any worker who works with the insured, for any bodily injury or death occurs while the worker because of his work with the insured at any time during the period of insurance.


Despite great developments in shipping and transportation techniques as well as the modern equipment used for this line of industry, losses and damages are frequent during the voyage or during loading or uploading cargo, construction materials, industrial equipment, all kinds of foodstuff including refrigerated and frozen foods, cloths and fabrics..etc. The policy also covers cargoes transported by air or trans-land in addition to such shipped by sea. The cover commences from the beginning of the voyage to its end. Voyage start means from the departure of goods from warehouses in the country of origin, and the end of journey means the arrival of goods to importer's warehouses in the destination country of city specified in the insurance policy. Also a Carriers liability policy can be provided which canners a protection for carriers against loss or damage of goods in their custody and under their responsibilities.


There are different types of car insurance and they all provide insurance protection for these cars in addition to the provisions of the Traffic Law No. 67/76 and Decision No. 81 which requires that car drivers to acquire third party insurance for their car. The insurance company would compensate the insured and pay him the value of material losses occurred from the destruction or partial or total damage inflicted on the insured vehicle, its spare and accessory parts arising from various risks such as collision, overturn due to accident or mechanical default, fire or lightening, explosion or combustion, deliberate third party act, theft, burglary and losses arising thereof during land or river transportation, or damage caused by tools and elevators, public liability toward third party for material loss or damage.

TPL- Boats

Ships, boats and jet skis are subject to risks arising either from unstable seas or because of use and driving. These could cause accidents, and would result in failure or damage to the hull of a ship, Jet Ski or boat, or to their engines and equipment. Damage could go beyond that and may affect passengers and cargo.