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Welcome to our company site on the Internet which introduces Wethaq Takaful Insurance Co., its products and services. Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we hope you choose Wethaq to meet all your insurance needs, assuring you the best service from a high technically experienced and efficient team.

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Construction & Engineering

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Contractors All Risks/Rigs

It is possible to insure all kinds of construction projects such as housing projects, schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, commercial complexes, water and drainage networks, water treatment projects, bridges, tunnels and dry docks etc.

Erection All-Risks

The insurance covers risks pertaining to the insured's risks arising from financial losses that he might incur as a result of an unexpected loss or material damage that requires repair or replacement. Compensation should include the cost of all necessary repairs to reinstate stated items to their pre-damage or pre-loss status or in fact the actual value of the items as they were to the immediately pre-damage status. The insurance also covers the loss and damage that could befall property on the site of the work or in immediate neighborhood as a result of an accident linked to construction or erection works.

Construction Plant & Machinery/Machinery Breakdown/Electronic Equipment

Machinery and equipment used by companies and contractors are subject to damage because of unexpected accidents. This could cause the company or the contractor financial loss. It could completely damage the machinery and equipment. The insurance covers all kinds of machinery, equipment and related installations that have been erected temporarily on the worksite, and such machinery and equipment were in a dismantled status for maintenance purposes for example. The insurance also covers financial loss arising from unexpected damage to the insured machinery and equipment.

Workmen Compensation (Project)

No work is immune from risks surrounding it and that could bodily harm and injure the staff. These accidents could happen during the work and while performing work duties and could lead to bodily injuries to the worker, or to his family. The cover provides fixed financial payment according to the injury and the percentage of damage and disability arising thereof.