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Marine & Aviation

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Marine Cargo

Despite great developments in shipping and transportation techniques as well as the modern equipment used for this line of industry, losses and damages are frequent during the voyage or during loading or unloading cargo. The policy covers general and industrial cargo, construction materials, industrial equipment, all kinds of foodstuff including refrigerated and frozen foods, clothes and fabrics...etc. The policy also covers cargoes transported by air or trans-land in addition to such shipped by sea. The cover commences from the beginning of the voyage to its end. Voyage start means from the departure of goods from warehouses in the country of origin, and the end of journey means the arrival of goods to importer's warehouses in the destination country or city specified in the policy.


Ships, boats and jet skis are subject to risks arising either from unstable seas or because of use and driving. These could cause accidents, and would result in failure or damage to the hull of a ship, Jet Ski or boat, or to their engines and equipment. Damage could go beyond that and may affect passengers and cargo.

Aircrafts & Helicopters

This kind of insurance covers the material loss and damages for the body of the plane, and it can include plane types such as.. Regular aircraft ( fixed-win ), Helicopters and Special small planes. All related insurance policies in addition of All Risk above cover are available such as.. Aviation Liability which can be provided in two types Liability towards the passengers, baggage, cargo and mail by mobile plane or Liability of third-party. Also it can provide insurance policy for aircraft spare parts and insurance policy for war-risk.