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Professional Indemnity/Medical Malpractice

Professional liability is one of the important types of insurance. There could be a case of death as a result of a medical mistake which was based on a mistaken diagnosis. This insurance covers professional liability and legal responsibility of certain professions such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, insurance brokers etc. This responsibility is due to a professional mistake during the practice of profession.


Credit Life

Lenders could face the risk of borrowers' failure to pay back their debts and this could obstruct and limit lenders' business activities. The debts protection policy is meant to protect debts in order to put an end to these risks and to alleviate the financial burden of the parties that deal with debts. These could be direct debts or financial activities and jobs which depend on debts whether, a real estate or consumer's debt or any other form of credit facilities. Such debts could be insured so that the debtor would not lose his financial right as raised against the debtor. It covers such financial rights against loss, damage, liability or expenses arising from the debtor's complete and permanent failure or inability to do so due to his death.


Bankers Blanket Bond/Investment Management Insurance/Purchase Protection and Secure Wallet Programs/Computer Crimes/Directors & Officers

Banks and investment companies face a great deal of challenges. We live in an age where avoiding mistakes, thefts, and embezzlements requires many forms of protection such the protection of decision and the interests of the enterprise, assets and investments of clients. Insurance against executive management and insurance against banking cover of the banks and insurance against investment management are all designed to provide various insurance covers which are indispensible. The kind of insurance covers professional civil liability of investment executives, funds and administrative responsibilities, protecting investment managers and financial crimes. There is insurance against personal portfolios, and insurance to protect the purchases of bank clients and account holders.


Business Interruptions

The fire insurance policy covers loss and damage due to fire or lightening (whether accompanied by fire or not). The insurance cover could be extended to include extra risks such as explosion, storm, flood, water leakage from pipes, damage, commotion and explosion arising from equipment and instruments that constitute part of the insured property. The all-risks insurance provides a more comprehensive cover against fire as it includes unexpected loss or damage that befalls the insured' property.


Money in Transit

Cash and property are likely to be stolen while in transit from one place to another or while in safe. This could cause huge loss and damage to the company. The shipment in transit or the company's safe could contain receipt or paying vouchers or any other type of documents, and their loss would cause moral and material damage to the company. Therefore, this insurance policy covers cash and valuables whether in paper or metal forms, cheques, transfer orders, mailing stamps and paying vouchers.


Fidelity Guarantee/Money in Safe

Owners of companies and commercial institutions and shops suffer from financial loss because of infidelity of their employees as expressed in embezzlement, theft, counterfeit or fraud. The insurance covers any loss of cash or goods incurred to employers because of these kinds of behavior.