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Fire & Property

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Fire and Allied Perils/Property All Risk

The fire insurance policy covers loss and damage due to fire or lightening (whether accompanied by fire or not). The insurance cover could be extended to include extra risks such as explosion, storm, flood, water leakage from pipes, damage, commotion and explosion arising from equipment and instruments that constitute part of the insured property. The all-risks insurance provides a more comprehensive cover against fire as it includes unexpected loss or damage that befalls the insured' property.

House Holders Comprehensive

A house and all the property it includes are subject to the risks of fire, burglary and water leakage from water tanks and pipes which could cause damage to the house and property. This could result in the loss of efforts and money that were invested to make the house a secure and comfortable place for residence. The insurance covers private homes or such prepared to be rented or invested against damage caused by risks of fire, lightening, explosion, storms, earthquakes, burglary and damage caused by forceful break-in, deliberate damage caused by third party, overflow of water tanks, bursting of water pipes, bursting of water heater and gas cylinders, crash of aircraft or fall of debris from the sky, impact of vehicles, loss of rent and expenses that the insured might incur due to moving to hotel or alternative residence because of any damage or loss inflicted on the building assigned for residence or apartment as the house would be uninhabitable for a limited period. The insurance also covers civil liability toward the third party.


Sometimes accidents happen by people who drive vehicles that are not covered by compulsory insurance, and would cause damage and loss in third party's property of life. This kind of accidents could happen by people driving vehicles that carry government number plates, or by a person who is in the country as a visitor (apart from the GCC citizens), or as a tourist. While driving his car he causes an accident and thus he is required to pay legal compensation to such who have been hurt or injured.

Plate Glass

In view of the nature of window glasses and the possibility of the glass facades of shops and commercial places being broken and smashed due to various factors which would cause loss and damage to the owners of such shops and complexes. The insurance covers glass facades of shops, commercial complexes and also cooperative societies and car showrooms.