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Online Products

Domestic Helper

The fast pace of modern life has increased the possibilities of being prone to personal accidents. There is a complete dependence in moving around and traveling on means of communications such as cars, private and public buses of different types, in addition to air travel through airline companies. This situation has its benefits as it has made life easier and saved a great deal of time. However, there is another side to this situation and that is the accidents accompanying this development which could lead to bodily injuries and could result in partial or total disability and to death in certain cases.

The domestic helper policy is a 2 years policy, and the premium is calculated according to the following table :

Nationality  Age-Band Premium
Indians & Filipinos 18 y.o to 45 y.o 15
Indians & Filipinos 46 y.o to 55 y.o 30
Others 18 y.o to 45 y.o 10
Others 46 y.o to 55 y.o 20

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Policy Wordings, Terms & Conditions