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Welcome to our company site on the Internet which introduces Wethaq Takaful Insurance Co., its products and services. Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we hope you choose Wethaq to meet all your insurance needs, assuring you the best service from a high technically experienced and efficient team.

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Health & Life

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Group Life

Group Life Insurance Policy covers employer's responsibility towards workers arising from Death / Injuries and accidents that could happen during, or outside work, whether inside or outside the geographical boundaries of the State of Kuwait. Most often they are Employees in a company/Establishment, Or Members in a Club / Cooperative / Union.


Group Medical

Health Insurance provides a distinctive health insurance program through which the medical care expenses of staff and their families (provided they may not be less than four members) shall be covered by various alternatives of annual coverage according to their needs at the most significant hospitals, centers and private medical clinics inside Kuwait. The company also provides medical care for emergent cases abroad.

Workmen Compensation (Annual)

No work is immune from risks surrounding it and that could bodily harm and injure the staff. These accidents could happen during the work and while performing work duties and could lead to bodily injuries to the worker, or to his family. The cover provides fixed financial payment according to the injury and the percentage of damage and disability arising thereof.


Personal Accidents/Domestic Helpers

The fast pace of modern life has increased the possibilities of being prone to personal accidents. There is a complete dependence in moving around and traveling on means of communications such as cars, private and public buses of different types, in addition to air travel through airline companies. This situation has its benefits as it has made life easier and saved a great deal of time. However, there is another side to this situation and that is the accidents accompanying this development which could lead to bodily injuries and could result in partial or total disability and to death in certain cases.


Travel Assistance Including Schengen Cover

Accidents and problems could occur unexpectedly, and the impact of risks would be aggravated when you are on a trip far from your country and far from any source of help from friends and family. This insurance would make your travel more fun and more comfortable and safer. The insurance policy covers providing assistance during travel in areas such as personal assistance all over the world except for the usual country of residence, providing assistance for your car, providing assistance for your luggage, and legal help.

Countries of the European Union require visa applicants to present this kind of visa to conclude procedures for obtaining this type of joint visa which includes such who intend to travel and also members of their families accompanying them. This includes all envoys that are sent to any European country on official assignment.


Life "Individuals"

It is insurance for individuals that guarantee a better future for their families, the coverage is for death and total permanent disability (God forbid), whereupon the coverage assists to lift the financial burdens or some immediately , Rather than preoccupation with it, as the best guarantee to ensure that your loved ones enjoy some optimism. Payment can be made by all possible ways and flexible methods, whether monthly or quarterly / semi-annual or annual basis through cash or all known debit / credit bank cards. The issue of the insurance policy does not require great effort or a lot of time or for any medical tests in most cases.